Laia Colomer Solsona

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I am senior lecturer at the Department of Design, teaching issues related to the social, economic and politcal uses of cultural heritage in today's society. This means teaching students of design how cultural heritage might be part of their projects for a sustainable change.


I teach at both undergraduate and master levels in Design +Change, mainly on topics related to critical heritage, material cultural, cultural identity, migration and memory, placeness and homing process, heritage community managment, and cultural sustainability. For master students (Design +Change and Innovation programs) I also teach on designing research projects, tools for academic publication, and transdisciplinarity in design.


My research focuses on the way cultural heritage is involved in the process of remembering, meaning making, and construction of identity today, involving key concepts such as globalization, multiple migration, mobilities, collective memory, critical heritage, public archaeology, new materialities, and the social significance of cultural heritage.

Educated in Barcelona (PhD. in Prehistory Archaeology, UAB) and in London (MA in Public Archaeology, UCL), I have combined an academic research career in The Netherlands and Spain, with a professional career in cultural heritage management in Spain and Italy, including in both paths several European projects (e.g., ARCHEOMEDES, APPEAR). In the field of heritage management, I work on the museums management (e.g. MUHBA), the management of urban archaeological sites (e.g. Born) and the politics of identity in archaeology, especially in relation to religious and community groups (e.g. Montjuïc). As archaeologist my research focus on gender and material culture, chaîne opératoire and pottery technology, and cultural landscapes.


"Cross-cultural heritage. Understanding cultural heritage in a globalized world" Research project developed under a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Post-doc Research Fellow (2015-2017). This project explored how globalization is affecting current uses and meanings of cultural heritage. As case study, I analyzed a particular kind of multiple/onward migrant, the global nomads or 'Third Culture Kids', defined by those affected by a cross-cultural life experience due to several internationational relocations during childhood. Throughout these particulars, I explored new forms of contemporary heritage (e.g., airports), and issues on the intangible of homeness/homlessness and objects on the move.

Past Women: It is a research project (+ website) aiming to make visible the research in archaeology and history that is linked to the study of the material culture of women while working to provide updated resources from feminist perspectives to all sectors involved in historical dissemination.


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