Lali Lindell

Lali Lindell

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Lali Lindell (PhD, MSc) has an academic background in sustainability and environmental psychology. She is working with sustainable entrepreneurship development in tourism within the framework of a comprehensive concept of Wellbeing (composed of environmental, economic, social, physical, mental and spiritual pillars). She further has a research interest in health through nature and other tools for enhanced wellbeing, leadership and international relations. She is active in several projects hosted by the European University for Wellbeing, EUniWell, and has previously developed and led several EU-projects. 

EU-wide network of ca 80 entrepreneurs in Wellbeing tourism:

More information on each project:

Lali is part of Linnaeus Knowledge Environment: Sustainable Health





Chair of Wellbeing International (network of entrepreneurs in Wellbeing tourism) 2023-ongoing

Chair of Steering committee SB WELL (Wellbeing Tourism in the South Baltic Region – Guidelines for Good Practices & Promotion) 2018-2022

Member of Steering committee CIRTOINNO (Circular economy tools to support innovation in green and blue tourism SMEs) 2016-2019

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