Ph.D. student at Informatics, direction Info Security processes, including EU GDPR, see research below. 

CV: Retired Info Security Architect, Tieto Sweden, former Info Security Officer, General Motors Europe, and Saab Automobile, former Technical Infrastructure Officer,, and former CIO, Greenland School of Commerce as well as a member of Greenland Home Rule IT Board.  Also been CS teacher in community college settings 1985-87 and 1990-1993.


Have in the 1980.ies and 1990:ies been teaching Operation Systems (Unix/VMS/OS360/AS400), IT Communication (pre-Internet) as well as Internet, Info Security and Database operations. 
2017 - company EU GDPR trainer 


Looking at the effects of GDPR as a driver to improve system efficiency and info security in today's public and commercial organizations. 

Primarily two areas of research;
 a. improving and securing IT environments via the use of GDPR Data     Mapping article, improve security via an understanding of the real data flows.
 b. How GDPR affect smaller organizations, like local social initiatives or   activist/NGO groups, lacking competence, but handling critical personal data.

In the end, both areas need to merge, forcing a strengthening of IS management and info security around GDPR affected personal data.




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