Leteng Lin

Leteng Lin

Institutionen för byggd miljö och energiteknik Fakulteten för teknik
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I received the Doctoral degree ( in 2013) in Chemical Engineering, and a MEng (in 2005) and BEng (in 2002) in Chemical Process and Engineering. I work as a senior lecturer in the department of Built Environment and Energy Technology, and received associate professor (Docent in Swedish) title in Dec. 2020. 


I am responsible for and teach several courses within both the bachelor program of Energy and Environment and international master program of Sustainable Energy System and Processes, for example, Combustion Technology, Applied Thermodynamics, Sustainable Energy Supply.


I do research and supervise master and phd students in the field of energy technology on several subjects:

  • Combustion, pyrolysis and gasification of solid carbonaceous feedstock (not limited to biomass) towards various energy product such as heat, electricity, bio-oil, biochar, biocoal, syngas etc: conversion kinetics, gas upgrading and cleaning, emission reduciton, and process optimization via both experimental and FEM/CFD modeling approaches;
  • Microwave application in thermochemical conversion of solid wastes including sewage sludge and other carbon-riched materials.
  • Fundamental research on the potential application of aerosol techniques: online diagnostic methodology for condensable organic (tar) and inorganic (alkali) vapors; Conversion of nano carbon particles; aerosol processing etc. 



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