Leteng Lin

Leteng Lin

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Institutionen för byggd miljö och energiteknik Fakulteten för teknik
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Leteng has received his Ph.D degree in Chemical Engineering from Linnaeus University in 2013, and a MEng (in 2005) and BEng (in 2002) in Chemical Process and Engineering from Shandong University of Science and Technology.


I engaged 50% of full working time in education. I am responsible for several courses:

  • Combustion Technology part I (2BT004, 7.5hp), undergraduate;
  • Applied thermodynamic (Energiteknik II, 1BT016, 7.5hp), undergraduate;
  • Combustion Technology Part II (4BT010, 7.5hp), master;
  • Sustainable Energy supply( 1BT018, 7.5hp), distant learning.


I engaged about 50% of my full time in research. My main research interests include:

  • Combustion and gasification of solid fuel (biomass, coal, and solid waste): process optimization via both experimental and FEM/CFD modeling regarding the coversion kinetics and pollutant emission reduction.
  • Microwave application in thermochemical conversion of solid wastes including sewage sludge and other carbon-riched materials.
  • Fundamental research on the potential application of aerosol techniques: online diagnostic methodology for condensable organic (tar) and inorganic (alkali) vapors; Conversion of nano carbon particles; aerosol processing applied in the nano-catalyst particles deposition for functional energy materials.


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