My research concerns issues related to semiotics and epistemology of the Arts. More specifically, to how processes of translation among morphologically different media can reveal new and/or unexpected information, when approached as processes of modelling.

The research question of my thesis is: How processes of transference of characteristics between source-media and target-media can reveal us information that is not immediately available in the source-media? In order to answer it, different examples of translation processes from one phenomena to several artworks that behave as models of the former are going to be described and analyzed, identifying their epistemic potentials. The theoretical background for the research is to be found mainly in the Intermedial Studies and theoretical semiotics. The semiotic theory of C.S. Peirce, especially regarding the morphological variety of signs and the theorization on diagrammatic reasoning, allow us to describe with more precision the processes in which information is generated, avoiding persistent problems, such as the difficulty in characterizing the relation between cognitive aspects and sensorial aspects in the generation of information.


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