Nam Aghaee

Nam Aghaee

Institutionen för informatik Fakulteten för teknik
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Dr. Nam Aghaee is a senior lecturer in Informatics at Linnaeus University. Nam holds a PhD in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Education from Stockholm University, the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. 

Nam’s research direction is digitalization, e-learning, and IxD (Interaction Design). More specifically she has been working with developing IT-based systems and strategic IT solutions by using technology and online tools to facilitate different types of interaction.

Room B3040, Växjö

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1IK001 - Introduktion till informatik

1IK003 - Objektorienterad analys och processbeskrivning

1IK004 - Vetenskapligt tänkande och rapportskrivning

1IK011 - Information Security in Organizations

1IK015 - IS-baserad verksamhetsutveckling

1IK418 - Design och konceptvisualisering

4IK506 - Digital Environments: Information Society and Internet of Things

5IK501 - IS/IT for Organizing, Communicating, and Coordinating II

4IK501 IS/IT för organisering, kommunikation och koordinering I

4IK50E - Degree project in Informatics at Master Level, specialization in Information Systems

5IK50E - Degree Project in Informatics at Master level


Digitalization, e-learning, pupil-participation, IS/IT for business and education.