Ravi Vumma

Ravi Vumma

Institutionen för kemi och biomedicin Fakulteten för hälso- och livsvetenskap
43057, Hus Vita, Kalmar
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Teaching experience in Biomedicine, Medicine, Optometry and Pharmacy Degree Programs.

Research experiences in areas of Neuro-immuno-pharmacology, Nutrition Gut Brain Interactions, Neuropsychiatric Disorders and Urinary Tract Infections by using human cells as In-vitro models.

Research Specialties: Culturing cells from biopsies, functional characterisation of transport properties of various test substances and analysis of kinetic parameters of different test substances and evaluating the role of immune responses and oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders.


Teaching Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology for Pharmacy and Optometry Degree Programs.


My research interests are in the fields of Neuro-immuno-pharmacology and Nutrition Gut Brain Interactions by using the human cell models.

  • To explore the role and regulatory pathways of proinflammatory and oxidative stress responses those are found to be elevated in many neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders in order to identify biomarkers and new treatment strategies.
  • To investigate the therapeutic potential of various test substances (short chain fatty acids, antioxidants, nutrients etc.) to counteract the influence of proinflammatory and oxidative stress responses and on the functioning of membrane bound transporters.
  • Functional characterization of membrane transport properties of various molecules of interest by using the human cell models.


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