Sara Hyltén-Cavallius

Sara Hyltén-Cavallius

Institutionen för design Fakulteten för konst och humaniora
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I am a senior Lecturer in Design with a background as a practicing Architect, SAR/MSA. My core interest is sustainability and I believe that we all need to collaborate in transdisciplinary to fulfill the UN Development Goals 2030. 


At Linnaeus University, I am proud to be part of the Sustainable Committee where we are working with sustainability and how it can be a part of Linnaeus Universities everyday life. I am part of the executive board of Cumulus, a global association within art and design education and research. Here I am in charge of the working group for Sustainability, where we share knowledge and best practice of how to educate designers to able to support sustainable futures. In the region of Småland Mathilda Tham and I coordinate Småland Living Lab, where we try to gather everyone who is passionate for sustainability and finding ways how to support one another.

Department of Design

During 2011-2016 I was responsible for a process to transform two design departments to one (after a merge) and it resulted in Design + Change, which is the framework for everything we do. I am part of a group that explore transdisciplinarity. We educate master students together with lecturers from different disciplines.


My core interest is how sharing can be part of sustainable futures. Share knowledge, space, happiness and "a prosperous future" as someone suggested to me in a workshop in India. Right now, I am involved several research projects. Two of them with Mathilda Tham as project leader. Boost, Living and housing development, in the intersection between elder, younger and migrants. TLLAA, Transnational Living Lab for Active Ageing, where we create conditions for interaction between Japan and Sweden resulting in suggestions for the challenges for an aging population.




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