Shahrouz Yousefi received his PhD degree in Media Technology from the department of Media Technology and Interaction Design, School of Computer Science and Communication, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. He obtained the Licentiate degree in Media Signal Processing in 2012 and M.Sc. degree in Robotics and Control in 2009, from Umeå University, Sweden. His research interests include Media Technology, Mobile Multimedia Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, 3D Motion Analysis, 3D Rendering, Visualization, and Future Interaction Technology. Currently, his main focus is on designing technical solutions for 3D gesture-based interaction in future mobile devices and smart environments. He aims to introduce emerging technologies that enable humans to interact in digital space with real-life intuitiveness. Shahrouz has won two innovation competitions in Sweden and holds international patent on his innovative solutions in mobile technology.


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