Signe Kjaer Jensen

Signe Kjaer Jensen

Institutionen för film och litteratur Fakulteten för konst och humaniora
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My research interests center on music and sound as parts of intermedial and multimodal media constellations, and in particular on the role and function of sound and music in different types of animation films.

In my ongoing PhD project, I focus on music in children's animation features, trying to locate the musical potential for meaning in the interaction between: formal, multimodal features of the films; the social context of the viewing situation; and the active interpretation and reception processes the child is engaged in. The project is based on an interdisciplinary framework drawing primarily on qualitative audience reception studies, multimodality studies and musicology, analyzing a selected range of popular animation features from a 'textual' perspective as well as exploring children's verbalizations of their actual experiences of the films through qualitative group interviews.


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