Zeenath Hasan

Zeenath Hasan

Universitetslektor, prefekt
Institutionen för design Fakulteten för konst och humaniora
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An erstwhile corporate ethnographer and social entrepreneur, I currently am Senior Lecturer and Head of Department at the Design Department in Linnaeus University.


I teach holistic, performative and critical articulations of design practice to undergraduates and graduates, and supervise master thesis projects in the + Change programmes. My learning activities generate services and initiatives conceived and conducted by students at the Design Department. 


In my artistic research, I explore food as material for knowledge production. I lead the development of Food + Change, a platform engaging food as pedagogy in a cross-sectoral interchange with society and economy. 

From two generative work sites, comprising the Food Lab on campus and an urban farm called TheDirt off-campus, students and staff conduct research explorations, socio-economic initiatives and immersive, participatory experiences in collaboration with fellow actors like the Växjö Kommun, bees, urine and the stinging nettle.

Student-initiated and student-lead projects include (in chronological order) Smoothies to Sustain, Food Sharing Växjö, Feminist Farmers, TheDirt, VXO FARMLab, Power/Harvest, From Flax to Yarn and more.


Head of Department, (2022-ongoing)
Deputy Head of Department, (2020-2021)
Department Leadership Group (2019-ongoing)
Programme Coordinator, Design + Change master (2017-2022)



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