Zeenath Hasan

Zeenath Hasan

Institutionen för design Fakulteten för konst och humaniora
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Zeenath Hasan is a design educator. An erstwhile social entrepreneur and corporate ethnographer, in her current role as Senior Lecturer at the Design Department in Linnaeus University, she serves as deputy head of department and directs the Design+Change master programme. 


Zeenath explores food as material for knowledge production and for learning. Learning activities include generation of services and initiatives conceived and conducted by students at the Design Department. She teaches holistic, performative and critical articulations of design practice to undergraduates and graduates, and supervises master thesis projects in the + Change programmes. 


Kapitel i bok, del av antologi (Övrigt veten­skapligt)

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Kapitel i bok, del av antologi (Övrigt (populär­vetenskap, debatt))