Leadership and Management in International Contexts, magisterprogram

60 hp

Strategiskt ledarskap på internationella marknader är inriktningen på detta magisterprogram.

Utbildningen ger dig unik kompetens inom internationellt affärsmannaskap och strategiskt ledarskap.

Du och dina studiekamrater utvecklar egna analysverktyg samtidigt som ni konkret arbetar med intressanta projekt för skapande och kreativitet. På så sätt tränas du i att bygga upp en personlig och professionell kompetens i konsten att leda andra via konsten att leda sig själv, samt att kunna umgås i och bemästra internationella miljöer.

Personliga och professionella projekt går hand i hand och präglar hela programmet. Du får den extra specialkunskap som kan vara avgörande i konkurrensen om ett attraktivt arbete.


Efter examen är du särskilt lämplig för arbete inom internationella företag och organisationer, speciellt inom konsultbranschen och stabsfunktioner på globala företag.


Filosofie eller ekonomie magisterexamen med inriktning mot Leadership och Management


Studenter berättar

"I have improved my team skills"

Hello future leaders, my name is Elisabeth. I come from Austria and I am about to finish the master's programme 'Leadership and Management in an International Context' at the LNU University in Kalmar.

Last year I completed my undergraduate studies in Tourism and Leisure Management and I felt that I am not quite done with my academic education. So I started to search the internet for options and also talked to friends for advice. It was clear for me that I wanted to experience life in a Scandinavian country, because I have met so many nice people from there and also heard so many good things about the high quality of their education system. In the end, I decided to go to Kalmar, a rather small city in the south of Sweden I have never heard before. Looking back at my time here, it was a good decision.

The programme is characterized by many nationalities and room for self studies and personal development. While working on team project with friends from all around the world I learnt a lot about how to handle cultural differences and could greatly improve my own team skills.

The city of Kalmar offers almost all that you need as a student. There are shopping facilities, restaurants, pubs and clubs (most of them offering student specials on Wednesdays and Saturdays), and also a big variety of sport facilities (if you are interested in team sports like football or volleyball there is an organisation called FIKS, which organises this kind of sports for students, there are different activities each day of the week). All of the hot spots for students are within walking distance, but many also cycle, which is a lot of fun.

The university takes great care of their international students and makes it very easy to feel welcome. During the welcome week in the beginning the student's organization organized many fun activities where you got to know the other students. Throughout this year we formed a great community in our programme and we do many free time activities like cooking, bbq, bowling ... together.

"A great international experience!"

Hello, my name is Yana and I am from Russia. I was looking through different opportunities to study abroad and finally made decision to choose master in Leadership and Management in the International Context. As I am an exchange master student I had a chance to contact the previous exchange students and ask them about many details of studying. I was interested in order to create a picture where I am actually going to study. So, here is an opportunity for You to know as much as You wish about studying in Kalmar!

Linnaeus University is a very comfortable place to study as you can be there 24 hour per day and nobody will tell you to go out. The building of Programme in Leadership and Management in International context is located very close by the sea and surrounded by wonderful nature.

International team work

The Master programme is a great chance to learn more about different cultures and working process with them. In the past year of my studying here I had a chance to work in teams in total with about 12 nationalities what is differently brilliant experience for my future career.

The content of the programmer's subjects is 100 % connected with its name. Such subjects as Strategic Management and Leadership, Intercultural Communication, Leadership as a construction of Meaning and Management Consulting & Change Management were included in the programme. Moreover, guest lectures were organised many times.

A beautiful city

And of cause, living in Kalmar is not only studying, but also practicing our international skills outside the University. The student life consists of dinner evenings, partying together, having great time and so on.
While my free time I do swimming as in Kalmar there is a great swimming pool. I also like to walk and make photos and the beauty of Kalmar town is amazing. This is so great when you can take a bike and do some photo biking! This type of transport is very convenient in Kalmar and a lot of it citizens as well as international students use it.


"A fantastic place to study"

Hello, everyone who is going to study in Kalmar or thinking about it. My name is Svitlana. I'm a free mover student from Ukraine and I'm doing my Master Programme in "Leadership and Management in International Context". When I have got my Bachelor Degree in Management in Ukraine I saw to study abroad as a challenge for me. I was right when I applied for the Programme "Leadership and Management in International Context".


Linnaeus University is a fantastic place to study. It is a good opportunity to find out more not only about your field of study but also about other cultures and traditions of many nationalities. Moreover, you can get a great life experience of living abroad.

The lectures and professors of the Master Programme "Leadership and Management in International Context" are great. Even if you have some problems with your studies, they are always ready to help you. The atmosphere of the university is friendly and favorable. Furthermore, there is a great library where you can find various kinds of interesting books and magazines necessary for your study. I really like to spend my time there.

During my studying we have done many projects in the group of 4-5 people. Interaction with international students is a good experience for my future work and my social communication.

Life in Kalmar

Kalmar is not big city, thus it is easy to find everything and I should not spend much of my time to get to the university, library or shopping-center. The one thing I like the most is almost all people can speak English fluently.

The surroundings and nature of Kalmar is amazing. There is a Baltic sea and the bridge that leads to the big island – Öland where I can go and enjoy beautiful views. Sometimes my friends and I go to feed swans and ducks close to the sea. It is really fun. It seems that these animals are always hungry.

At the beginning, I was afraid that I would not have friends here. However, after some days everything has changed. I have got friends so fast. We always share feelings, studying and relaxing together. It is an indescribable feeling to be around amazing people who are always ready to help me. We always have many social events, parties, evenings and dinner together.


"I highly value the emphasis on personal development"

Hej, my name is Sarah Gelhard and I am from Germany. After having studied International Tourism Management in Austria and Spain, I decided to search for a Master's program that focuses on management and leadership but also places importance on the international aspect. I finally applied for the program 'Leadership and Management in an International Context' at the LNU Kalmar since it perfectly fitted what I was looking for and lasts only one year.

Tidigare studenter berättar

"When you are surrounded by supportive people..."

This is Karen from Shanghai, China. I got my bachelor degree in economics one year ago and I will get my master degree in leadership, soon in June. Now I am working on my thesis with my partner Isabel and after that, I will try every possible way to stay longer in Sweden since it is such a nice country with such nice people!

There are so many stories to tell about this year in Leadership program. The most impressive part and also my favorite part is to find those amazing supportive people here. I've never had such a great experience that when you need help, there is always somebody there ready to help.

The staff in university are always ready to support

From accommodation to study, I get numerous supports from the staff working in our university. I enjoy free Swedish courses, free lectures in another campus of our university Växjö, book reservation service, and millions of help. One story I want to share is that once I used to lose my glasses in library and five days later when I reminded of that, I asked for help from the reception desk. The next morning I received a call telling me that they found it for me! What a surprise!

The professors and teachers are always ready to support

I have no idea how the relationship between professors and students in other countries could be but here, we are friends. We never call Philippe "Dr. Prof. Daudi" although he has Phd degree and he is a professor. I have a lot of disturbing things to bother our professors and they never said "Nej". I ask feedback from them, seek advice for my study, and also discuss my future with them. They are most trusted people and never too busy to give a hand.

The lovely classmates are always ready to support

Basically except toothbrush and boyfriend (or girlfriend), we share everything. Anytime when you get a problem, don't forget you are not alone. We have lots of teamwork to do this year and we benefit a lot from each other. After school, we are close friends and always play together, movie night, bowling games, barbeques, international dinners and endless parties! It is so nice to check my email account in the morning and find one saying that "since you are doing the thesis about female entrepreneurship, I think this article is gonna help you!"

Even the "strangers" are willing to support!

This is a surprising part. Before we conducted our thesis interviews, we wrote a few emails to some female entrepreneurs from the list of "101 most talented Swedish young people in 2010"in the Veckan magazine and we did not expect much since "celebrities" are not accessible at least in my country. But we received several positive replies and they gave us more contacts. With these more contacts, we are getting more and more female entrepreneurs to work with, like snowball rolling. Now the problem for us is that we could not do all the interviews since the time limit!

Mer om programmet

Pedagogical approach

The programme is taught in English. The teaching forms and methods are innovative and build on advanced practices of learning. Lifelong learning is a basic principle for the programme.

The learning process

The process begins on the first day and continues long after the programme completion. During this journey, the opportunities for learning are many, the processes are made apparent, and the insights are recorded and implemented in practice. The learning process consists of many parallel and complementary forms: seminars, residential sessions, concrete projects, and the Master's thesis, as well as the individual mentorship.

The student's progress and knowledge acquisition are continually monitored through written papers, team works and presentations, as well as regular written exams.

Assessment of the student's performance is carried out by means of active class-participation, written examinations and by the submission of solutions to case studies carried out in groups. Students who do not achieve a satisfactory result in the examinations are permitted to make a second attempt approximately 6 weeks after the normal examination date. The grading is based on a balanced assessment of class-participation and written reports as well as the students' ability to present and discuss contents of reports.

Professional Success and Personal Development

Lifelong learning is a leitmotiv throughout the programme. The process begins on the first day and continues long after the programme's completion. We believe that the professional success is intimately tight to harmony and development on a personal level. Thus, providing for the means to enhance and strengthen each participant's ability to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty is seen as an essential complement to the factual skills. These two processes are key issues in the programme. They work as on going parallels in which the personal and the professional schooling are shaped.

An Entrepreneurial Programme

This is an entrepreneurial programme which we produce - not a series courses we consume. Our pedagogy combines the genuinely authentic approaches with established "truths" together with young, fresh, and creative visions. The participants receive guidance and inspiration from their individual mentors whilst they, simultaneously, also serve as mentors for others.

Action Learning Pedagogy

The programme is based on the Action Learning pedagogy. We believe that learning is not done simply by receiving, but by participating, by influencing, by creating and by taking responsibility for one's own learning. The participants evolve and work in a fully international environment. As members of multicultural teams they are given the opportunity and task to manage diversity throughout the whole programme. This creation provides the participants with an arena where learning takes place on various levels. Finding one's position within the group and evolving with its members ensure an added maturity of each individual. Working with and leading together with others through the acquired knowledge of oneself provide a deeper sense making of the programme's motto: the art of leading others comes from the art of leading oneself.
Will you dare to be bold?

Arenas for Learning

During this journey, the processes are made apparent, and the insights are recorded and implemented in practice. The learning process is shaped by many parallel and complementary forms: seminars, residential sessions, the work with the thesis as well as the individual tutorial and mentorship.

The lectures and seminars are integrated and the conveyed knowledge is experience-based. Efforts are made to secure the meaningfulness and concrete relevance of these sessions. We place a high premium on experience-based genuine knowledge and insight over more traditional or simulated forms of learning.

Theme guided Sessions

During the programme theme guided sessions are held where learning, intensity of experience and closeness reinforce one another. The participants play a prominent role in creating and implementing different tasks. This in turn is designed to enhance individual growth and team building. We work with form and content, with practical knowledge and group dynamics.


The seminars cover the state of the art of knowledge about management and leadership in the complexity of our post-modern world and call for a continuous updating. The actuality is brought in to the classroom with fresh cases and interventions by people with hands on experience.

Master's dissertation

The master's dissertation is an independent authorship summarising the participant's achievements and learning. It rests on concrete projects and on the participant's theoretical sensitivity and ability to create meaningful analysis and skilful interpretation of the material.

Our focus is powerfully directed towards international affairs in business and industry. This is facilitated by our international faculty team, of which more than half of are distinguished researchers and practitioners from well-known universities, institutes, and other organisations worldwide.

- Freedom to Create!

Double Degree Opportunity with our international Partners

As a register student of the Master's Programme "Leadership and Management in International Context" you have the opportunity to apply for a double degree programme that we have with two of our international partners. Successful applicants will be exonerated form the fees normally charged by our partners.

1. The Graduate Business School in Brest, Brittany, France

The Master's Programme in Management with the specialisation "Manager and Consulting" at the ESC Bretagne duplicates the Master's Programme in Leadership and Management in International Context" at the SBE, Linnaeus University.

The above master programmes at both institutions have similar core courses, allowing for full equivalence and credit transfer.

To be eligible for participation in this double degree programme, students from both institutions must be registered in the respective programme as stated here.

Final year students registered in the Master's Programme in Management with the specialisation in "Management and Consulting" at ESC Bretagne will be given the possibility as per #4, to spend one full academic year at SBE, Linnaeus University, taking the complete curriculum of the Master's Programme in Leadership and Management in International Context (60 ECTS) and subsequently be awarded, when applied for, the degree "Master of Science in Business Administration (and Economics)" by Linnaeus University. Other arrangements are equally possible.

Likewise, students registered in the Master's Programme in Leadership and Management in International Context at SEB, Linnaeus University will have an equal possibility as per #4, to spend one full academic year at ESC Bretagne, taking the complete curriculum of the year M1 of the Master's Programme in Management (60 ECTS) and subsequently be awarded the degree "Master in Management – Diplôme Grande Ecole" (Diplôme de l'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Brest) by ESC Bretagne.

Read more about The Graduate Business School in Brest, Brittany, France

2. The Faculty of Economics at University of Rennes1(FES) France.
To be eligible for participation in this double degree programme, students from both institutions must be registered in their final year of the respective programme as stated here. Eligibility is given to students registered at the Master Programme Leadership and Management in International Context at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) and to students registered in the master programmes at FES.

The master programmes at both institutions have equivalent core courses allowing for the equivalence of certain number of credit transfer.

Qualified students from FES will be given the possibility to spend a full academic year at SBE taking the complete curriculum of the Master Programme Leadership and Management in International Context and subsequently obtain the degree "Master of Science" (60 credits) awarded by Linnaeus University. Likewise, qualified students from SBE will have an equal possibility to spend a full academic year at FES and complete their master programme, and subsequently obtain the master degree "Master Économie et Gestion – Économie International et PME"; EGE/EIPME or equivalent, awarded by University of Rennes1.

Read more about Faculty of Economics at the University of Rennes1

The good and the evil leadership

This is a small part of the wonderful frescos covering the wall of the Sala dei Nove in Palazzo Publico, in the beautiful city of Sienna. Ambrogio Lorenzetti has painted it between 1337 and 1339. The lords of the city commissioned the artist to dramatise leadership virtues as well as anti-virtues and how they affect the life of the citizens and their businesses. In this sense, the frescos are a thorough book in Leadership.

In this particular part, we see the figure of Justice on her throne under the inscription: diligite iustitiam qui iudicatis terram (love justice, you who govern the world). She is looking at another figure above her head: sapientia, the wisdom, holding the Liber Sapientiae and the balance. Two angels are seen on each side of the Balancea. On the left-hand side, one citizen is being punished by the sword whilst the other is rewarded by the crown, thus, the Justitia distributiva, the commanding and rewarding authority. On the right-hand side, two other citizens are given the sword and the stick, the two symbols of executive power, Justitia commutativa. A rope runs from the balance and to the hands of the third figure under Justitia. It is Concordia, the instrument of equality and conflict resolution, transmitting the rope of co-ordination and commitment to the 24 representatives of the city.


Kalmar är en vacker stad med gamla anor, många mysiga kvarter och stor personlig charm. Området runt Kalmar Slott och Stadsparken är många studenters favorit.

Närheten till havet och Öland sätter sin prägel på staden med långa promenadstråk vid havet. I Kalmar är avstånden små och på fem-tio minuter når du det mesta – universitetet, havet, gymmet eller stadskärnan på Kvarnholmen. Många studenter bor i centrala Kalmar i närheten av universitetsbyggnaderna. Bra att veta är att Kalmar kommun har en bostadsgaranti för nya studenter.

Sjöfartshögskolan i Kalmar