Sebastian Hönel

Sebastian Hönel

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About Me

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher and co-Pi in the project In-line visual inspection using unsupervised learning.

  • You will find me in building D, room D2254.
  • I have a calendar where you can find my public appearances, talks, meetings, office hours, and other public activities at


I am usually involved in teaching courses around (Deep) Machine Learning (e.g., 4DV652, 4DV660, 4DV661).

I was previously a teaching assistant in courses for agile product development, both first- and second-level cycles (e.g., 1DV508, 4DV611).


Currently, I do focus on the analysis (e.g., quality), manipulation, and generation of media such as audio, imagery, and video utilizing statistical methods and, most notably, artificial intelligence. In particular, I attempt to apply and improve models for unsupervised and zero-/few-shot learning for the detection of manufacturing defects and other material anomalies.

Previously, I emphasized the usage of Machine- and Deep Learning, Optimization, as well as distributed computing for the analysis, calibration, and optimization of models that are related to software applications and -processes. I was (and still am) interested in obtaining quantitative data from software evolutionary processes and applying it through models used for the greater goal of organizational learning.


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